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Financial Planning for Retirement in Tamarac, FL

When it comes to finances, the majority of individuals rarely ever see the big picture. Many of us simply get a paycheck, pay our bills and even save some money. However, it is vital that you start planning for your financial future not just for your sake, but also for your family’s. Having a financial plan enables you to make easier financial decisions, while also enabling you to stay on track in order to meet your financial goals.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the average working American earns around $1.8 million over their lifetime. While this is very impressive, researchers also found that over half of all Americans are not prepared to cover an expense of $300-400 without selling something or going into debt. It is safe to assume that there is a direct correlation between what we earn, and what we get to keep or save.

Financial planning allows you to formulate an ongoing affair that will support your current needs, diminish your financial stress, and ultimately create a money reserve for retirement. This is something that everyone can and should do. However, you don’t have to go at it alone. Working with a financial advisor like FRS Advisors of Tamarac can give you peace of mind while helping you secure your financial wellbeing. If you’re like the majority of people living in Tamarac, you are not sure where to start, lack ample expertise when it comes to investments, and don’t have time to plan for your future. FRS Financial advisors of Tamarac will be able to determine how much money you will need to reach your future goals, as well as strategically guide you through the steps you need to take towards them. They can also help you execute rational investments while managing them for you, as well as address expert tax strategies.

When you start to plan for your financial future, you will need to follow several steps. First, you must classify your financial goals by thinking broadly about them, and determine what you will need to achieve them. Next, you must gather and analyze your financial data. This includes knowing how much debt you owe, how much money is coming in each month vs money going out, how much money you spend on groceries and bills, money spent on vacations, etc. Next, you’ll want to compile all of this data together and contrast your goals with it. For example, you must outline your income, expenses and your net worth, and calculate how much money you will need to set aside for making investments. Next, you must employ your plan by setting realistic goals and reviewing them every month. For example, you might set a short term goal of improving your credit, while reducing your high-interest credit card debt, and setting a long term goal of buying a home or contributing more towards your retirement. Lastly, you should monitor this plan, and update it accordingly each month. Depending on the progress you are making with this plan, you must adjust it accordingly. This is because financial plans are certainly not set-in-stone. They need to be adjusted and changed if a medical emergency unexpectedly arises or you need to replace your car for example.

Aside from financial plans helping you define your future financial goals, there are many other benefits that you will notice from having one. These plans will allow you to fabricate a monthly budget that will bring your spending in line with your financial goals. You will be able to identify how much money is coming in, versus how much money you’re spending on expenses and other things. Additionally, these plans help you create a budget that allows you to determine whether your goals are achievable and realistic or not. You will also notice new methods that allow you to maximize your savings potential, while also identifying your risk tolerance for investments and expenditure. Estate planning, as well as employing tax strategies, will also become integral components of your overall financial strategy.

Financial planning not only permits you to build wealth over time, but also enables you to live more comfortably, and confidently. The sooner you start financially planning for your future, the better off you will be when it comes time to retire. Please give us a call at 954-371-2645, you will be glad you did!

Every person requires a unique retirement approach, please contact FRS financial advisors of Tamarac to setup a free one on one consultation with one of our top advisors.


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We’ll help you find the right strategies to suit your lifestyle and budget

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